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An exclusive event to inspire your personal, professional and financial development! Join proven veteran leaders in the real estate investing industry and build your blueprint for total financial freedom.

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September 2-3 2023


3131 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89109

With a combined net worth of well over $50 Million, Our speakers and breakout session leaders are experts in the industry with a proven track record of success, a desire to give back to the community, and a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom.

The World’s #1 Veteran Real Estate Investing Conference

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The #1 Event for Veterans

The #1 Event for Veterans, Active-Duty, or Retired Military and their families, friends and business partners looking to build real wealth, grow their net worth, and network with the best! 

Breakout sessions by strategy include:



Our strategy works and our speakers have led hundreds of people to financial freedom. This is your opportunity to join their ranks!

Our conference team has a combined net worth of over $50 Million and they are eager to share their experience, expertise and insider knowledge with YOU! 

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We believe in setting goals, mapping out a blueprint, building a team and taking action to achieve your financial freedom goals. This event will assist you with all of these and put you on your path to financial freedom.

Our speakers and sponsors will empower you to dream big and our directed training and hands on education will introduce you to the tools, systems and processes you need to achieve any definition of financial freedom you desire. 



The Veteran network is the most powerful network on the face of the earth and you have the opportunity to rub elbows and swap business cards with the most successful. 

Our directed networking sessions are paramount and will facilitate exceptional results through a procedure you won’t find at any other conference.

If you’re ready to take action and achieve real results on your path to financial freedom, we invite you to network and grow with us. Whether you are an experienced or novice investor, this event will help you take your personal, professional and financial prominence to the next level. 

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Your Ticket Includes:


As an event attendee, I understand that my image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my likeness appears. I also waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of my image or recording.


If you have purchased a ticket through this website or Vet Tix, you do not need a physical ticket. Simply show up to registration, give us your name, and you will gain access to the event.


Event Timeline

Friday, September 1st

4:00-6:00 pm: Registration Desk Open for Check-In, Registration Desk 6 

6:30-8:30 pm: VIP Dinner (Invitation Only)


Saturday, September 2nd

7:30 am: Registration Desk Open for Check-In, Registration Desk 6 

8:00 am: Breakfast, Brahms 

9:00 am: Event Begins, Encore Ballroom 5

9:00 am – 12:00 pm: Morning Session, Encore Ballroom 5

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch, Brahms 

1:00-2:00 pm: Breakout Sessions (see below for locations and descriptions)

2:00-4:30 pm: Afternoon Session, Encore Ballroom 5

4:30-6:00 pm: BREAK

6:00-8:00 pm: Social Reception, Chopin


Sunday, September 3rd

8:00 am: Breakfast, Brahms

9:00- 10:00 am: Breakout Sessions (see below for locations and descriptions)

10:00 am – 12:00 pm: Morning Session, Encore Ballroom 5


Conference Attire:
Please plan to wear comfortable smart or classy casual attire (nice shirts and dress pants for men; dress, skirt or dressy pants outfit for women recommended) for the duration of the event. 
Social Hour Attire: 
We encourage you to dress up with us for the social hour with a semi formal dress code (afternoon or cocktail dress, long dressy skirt, or dressy separates for women; dress shirt and pants for men with the option to add a tie or sport coat).


event timeline & venue layout

Breakout Sessions

Syndications with Carly and Jered DaCosta
Location: Encore Ballroom 1
Discover why syndication is the ultimate win-win real estate business, benefiting both you as a syndicator and your investors. Unlike wholesaling, syndication allows you to not only bring deals to others but also stay invested in them, reaping the rewards of cash-flow and exit strategies. Learn from Jered & Carly’s team as they broke free from their W-2 chains and built a $60MM small multi-family portfolio in just 2 years using this model. We will guide you in determining if syndication is the right path for you, explore different deal structures, and highlight the essential team members you need for success.

Lending with Patton Gade
Location: Encore Ballroom 2
Join the top VA loan originator in the US for a breakout session all about the lending industry. Patton Gade will teach you how to run a successful lending business alongside your investing business.

Short Term Rentals with Dave Ortiz
Location: Encore Ballroom 3
Join David Ortiz for a session on Short Term Rentals. You will learn how to find, analyze and manage short term rentals with one of the best in the industry.

Multifamily Investing with Michael Glaspie
Location: Encore Ballroom 4
Join Michael to learn the secret to effective multi-family analysis! You will learn how to add value in any market, why the “Cap Rate” is a myth and many more. With his personal experience as a commercial real estate broker, a CCIM national instructor, multi-family investor, and CFO to real estate investors Michael will not only give you the formula to follow but also show you the hidden secrets of the experts.

Wholesaling with Buddy Rushing and Justin Loutfy
Location: Encore Ballroom 6
Come join Buddy and Justin and hear the secrets on how they made over $500,000 in wholesale fees while giving away over $1,000,000 in equity! If you ever wondered how people can make money without using any of their own capital this breakout will show you step by step how this is possible. Come ready to take notes because what you learn in this breakout could change how you see your life forever.

Flipping with Matt Owens
Location: Encore Ballroom 7
Join Mathew Owens, a CPA that has flipped over 1000+ houses, raised over $150M for real estate and currently has over $35M lent to flippers across the country. You will learn property analysis, how to find deals and raise capital. Come to learn all about the in’s and out’s of the house flipping investment strategy so you can build long term wealth and cash flow streams through real estate.

Househack/Single Family Home Investing with Taylor Wing
Location: Handel Room
Join Taylor Wing to learn how to start house-hacking and investing in single family homes today! Taylor will show you how he successfully house-hacked multiple properties using VA, FHA, and seller financed loan products to help jumpstart you into your next house-hack opportunity. Taylor will teach you how he creatively acquired 32 rental units and show you everything you need to know to invest confidently in single family properties.

Realtor with Erin Helle
Location: Ravel Room
Join Erin Helle to learn how to build a realty business complementary to your investing goals. Erin will teach you how to build a system to generate multiple income streams doing the things you’re already doing as an investor. Erin can show you the systems she built to generate a portfolio of almost 100 rentals units, while earning a full time income as a referral agent and building a team of 10 realtors.

Property Management with Sunny Alexander
Location: Strauss Room 
Join Sunny’s class and gain valuable insights from her journey as she shares her experience of purchasing a franchise to establish a Property Management company. Learn how property management can complement your real estate investments and serve as a lucrative income stream. Additionally, Sunny will explore why most property managers are awful and the intriguing realm of property management challenges, and she’ll help you decide whether to outsource property management or take on self-management.

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Team member headshot

buddy rushing

keynote speaker

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Edward “Buddy” Rushing was born in Galveston, Texas. He graduated high school in 2000 and received his commission from the United States Naval Academy in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. He was commissioned as a Marine Officer and deployed to Afghanistan three times and Southeast Asia on a Marine Expeditionary Unit while stationed overseas in Okinawa. He then graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School with a Masters in Information Technology Management. In his final duty station at the Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters he began to help his Marine friends buy rental properties in Memphis, and it launched a business called White Feather that has now spread across the country. White Feather’s mission is to help military members and their families create Financial Freedom and it does that by educating and empowering them to invest in Real Estate. 

In his Real Estate career, Buddy has purchased and sold hundreds of single family properties, apartment complexes, vacation homes, investment RVs, and even dry lots of land in Florida. He has personally invested in nearly $250,000,000 worth of Real Estate deals as both a primary investor, General Partner, and Limited Partner. His Real Estate Investment Accelerator has trained over 300 students, who have created businesses and built Real Estate portfolios all over the country. As of 2023 there are only 500 members of White Feather, but this small group has purchased just under $1B worth of rental Real Estate collectively. White Feather continues to grow in both members and opportunities, but the commitment to each member remains until that person is Financially Free, no matter how long it takes. 
Buddy is married to a gorgeous woman named Kimberly, who has helped him build White Feather every step of the way, from driving nails into a roof on a blistering August day in Twentynine Palms, to sleeping in the closet of an investment property she was painting so she could finish the painting before the tenants moved in the next day. They have two precocious children who are too young to realize they are going to grow up rooting for the Chargers and buying investment properties in their spare time. He now runs White Feather out of a renovated Tuff Shed in his backyard in California.

Erin Helle Headshot

Erin Helle

Meet Your Host

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Erin graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 2009 and is a self-made millionaire who achieved financial freedom through real estate investing in less than four years. To date, she has helped over 300 other investors build cash flowing real estate portfolios. Erin created a system to allow her to live a life by design and now has the time and resources to give back to her network and community and focus on her family.

Erin’s real estate portfolio includes 93 rental units. Her courses and mentorship programs empower investors to dream big and ruthlessly pursue their goals! She has a personal goal of creating a million millionaires!

Erin is Veteran, military spouse, and mom to two girls. Her passion is coaching and she loves inspiring and enabling her clients, students and teammates to accomplish amazing things! She particularly loves to help women and girls realize their potential as achievers and investors.

Erin has been a guest on over 30 podcasts including the BiggerPockets Podcast. She has also been featured in numerous publications including Yahoo Finance, and she has been named as one of the Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs to Look Out for in 2022 by the NYC Journal and one of the Top 30 Realtors to look out for in 2022 by Entrepreneur Herald.

Bruce Norris

Keynote Speaker


Bruce Norris is an active investor, hard money lender, and real estate educator with over 35 years experience. Bruce has been involved in more than 2,000 real estate transactions as a buyer, seller, builder, and money partner.

Renowned for his ability to forecast long-term real estate market trends and timing, the release of The California Comeback report in 1997 gained him much notoriety. The accuracy of the extensive report led many California investors to financial freedom. His January 2006 release, The California Crash, was an in-depth look into the California market correction and the statistics behind Bruce’s predictions.

Bruce speaks and debates nationally and has been a guest speaker at the Mortgage Bankers Association, REOMAC, Inman, HousingWire, California Association of Realtors, California Builders Industry Association, California Mortgage Association, the Real Estate Research Council, and several local and national investment clubs, associations, and service clubs. Bruce has met with local and national government officials including FHA and Fannie Mae to discuss market solutions and market insights.

Bruce is also the host of the award-winning series, I Survived Real Estate. The events bring together leaders from numerous real estate sectors to discuss legislation, regulation, stimulus-related issues, and solutions to the current market. The events have also helped raise over $1,000,000 for charity since it began in 2008.

Bruce hosts the award-winning Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show and Podcast, where he interviews real estate industry leaders, authors, government officials, local experts, and economists. Guests have included representatives from the FBI, the MBA, Freddie Mac, the Appraisal Institute, HUD, Fannie Mae, PropertyRadar,, PIMCO, PMI Group, REDC, the National Auctioneers Association, and the Center for Responsible Lending, as well as Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital and John Mauldin to name a few. There are almost 600 shows and 250 hours of free education in our real estate radio archives.

Bruce has contributed articles to many real estate magazines and newsletters including The Business Press, Scotsman Guide, Creative Real Estate Magazine, The Orange County Register, RealtyTrac’s Foreclosure Newsletter, AOA Magazine, and the Daily Commerce. He has also been featured in: The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, Nightline ABC, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Good Morning America, the Los Angeles Times, Fortune, Mortgage Banker Magazine, Money Magazine, Reuters, Associated Press, The Orange County Register, The Tribune, and numerous others.

Bruce currently serves on the Executive Board for the Real Estate Research Council of Southern California. He was awarded Educator of the Year by Think Realty in 2018.

Kelly Cardenas headshot

Kelly Cardenas


Kelly Cardenas headshot

KELLY CARDENAS is a keynote speaker, FORBES contributor, bestselling author, host of a top ranked podcast, & Founder-CEO of a national multi-million dollar brand. Cardenas is the go to when it comes to constructing a CULTURE that will have sustained success in all aspects of your business. 

Carly Jered DaCosta new image

Carly & Jered DaCosta

Guest Speaker

Carly Jered DaCosta new image

In June 2019, Carly and Jered DaCosta left the San Francisco tech bubble to start their own real estate investing business in Jacksonville, Florida. As West Point Academy grads, Carly and Jered take swift action, learn quickly, and do not fear change. As the company grew, they partnered with longtime friends and Navy veterans, Josh and Kassandra Kristoff to form Nomad Capital Ventures LLC and continue growing the business. Today, the company has over $60M assets under management and just getting started. A strong partnership and an emphasis on streamlining operations has been key to their success. Today’s episode is all about syndications and short term rentals. 

David Ortiz headshot

David Ortiz

Guest Speaker

David Ortiz headshot

David Ortiz was born in Houston, Texas. He currently lives in San Diego, Houston and Huntsville, AL. He’s been married for 29 years and has one daughter. David graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1990 and also achieved an MBA from the University of San Diego in 2004. He has held various senior level positions with various packaging companies.

David also started his own packaging business and sold it 5 years later. His personal real estate portfolio includes 10 single family and one duplex long term rental,  three short term rentals. His is also the CEO/GP of $5.5mm syndication in Coronado, CA that short term rents 7 units. He is Co-Owner of Cottonside Properties LLC in Huntsville, AL with 9 doors, Co-Owner of 14 unit apartment building in Louisville, KY (with Buddy). He also developed a duplex using a construction loan in Houston, Texas and built a new long term rental in Florida.

He is invested in four other syndications as a limited partner and has used his self directed IRA to purchase investment properties. David graduated from the REI Accelerator in 2020 achieving the Top Performer Award. He has a passion for real estate and helping others, especially fellow veterans, on their path to financial freedom.  

Taylor Wing headshot

Taylor Wing

Guest Speaker

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Taylor Wing graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2018 and served as an Army officer in the 82nd Airborne Division. After reaching his financial freedom goals, he is currently transitioning into a full-time real estate investor. While serving on active duty, Taylor handled over $20 million dollars of real estate transactions through flips and wholesales and acquired over $5 million dollars of real estate assets through creative finance. Taylor Co-Founded a home-buying business in south Florida, Black Knight Property Solutions and launched a technology start-up company called TwnSqr- An off-market MLS and dispositions platform for investors. Taylor also has a passion for education and created the Real Estate Legacy Launch- a coaching program intended to produce similar real estate results for others as well. Although originally born and raised in Fresno, CA, Taylor fell in love with Florida’s Treasure Coast, and resides in Stuart with his wife Helen and their two dogs Leo & Lily.

Sunny Alexander headshot

Sunny Alexander

Guest Speaker

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With over 13 years of industry expertise, Sunny Alexander is the Broker, Co-Owner of Red Sash Group in Tampa, Florida- a veteran-owned and operated business. Red Sash Group consists of Red Sash Realty and PMI South Tampa. Red Sash Realty assists people with buying and selling properties, and PMI South Tampa is committed to serving the Tampa community through
property management.

Our motto is strengthening our community one home at a time.  After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Sunny served with distinction in the US Army for six years, including assignments at Fort Bragg, NC, and Fort Belvoir, VA, where she worked with military families and Gold Star Families with Wounded Warriors.

After transitioning from the military, Sunny obtained a Master’s in Corporate Communications to enhance her residential marketing and communication skills. She fell in love with Tampa during her husband’s final assignment with USSOCOM on MacDill Airforce Base.

Sunny’s industry recognition includes serving as an operating broker for the state of Florida for Sentry Residential from 2021 to 2023. During her tenure, she tripled the number of active realtors serving under Sentry in Florida and earned the Broker of the Year award for 2022. In addition, Sunny’s outstanding sales performance places her in the top 5% of agents in Tampa Bay.

Justin Loutfy


Justin Loutfy is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, where he developed a strong foundation of leadership skills and a commitment to serving his country. After graduation, Justin served as a Special Warfare Officer and Joint Terminal Attack Controller, leading Air Force TACP members in close air support missions across the globe.

During his time on active duty, Justin had the honor of leading men and women in combat and training missions in Iraq, Syria, Korea, and Kuwait. His dedication and expertise made a significant impact on the success of these missions.

After the birth of his first daughter, Adrienne, Justin made the decision to leave active duty and pursue a career in operations. He brought his valuable leadership experience to the corporate world, serving as an Operations Manager with Amazon and later rising to the position of COO of Cherokee Wood Products.

Today, Justin resides in Southern California with his wife Andrea and their two daughters, Adrienne and Julia. Despite his demanding professional life, he always finds time for his passions. In his free time, he loves competing in IRONMAN events and exploring new destinations with his family.

Justin has also found success in the real estate industry. He has established himself by creating a single wholesale deal that boasted a remarkable $500,000 wholesale fee. Additionally, he has built a thriving short-term rental management business with 11 properties in Daytona Beach. Alongside his personal successes, Justin is dedicated to helping fellow veterans achieve financial freedom through his coaching efforts.

Justin Loutfy’s story is one of service, leadership, and unwavering determination. He continues to strive for excellence in every aspect of his life, making a positive impact wherever he goes.

Michael Glaspie


A Commercial Business Advisor based in Charlotte, NC, I spent over a decade serving in US Army Special Forces as a Green Beret. Since purchasing my first investment property in 2014, I have used that military resourcefulness to complete several transactions in a variety of ways such as ‘Subject-To’s, wholesales, flips, buy and holds, syndications and more. I have built a rental portfolio of 134 rental properties, a real estate team of over 110 agents, and operated as CFO in a Private Equity company focused on hotel acquisitions.

Matthew Owens


  • Owner of OCG Properties, LLC and OCG Capital, LLC
  • BA in Economics w/ Emphasis in Accounting from UC Santa Barbara
  • Bought, renovated and sold or held over 1,000+ single family homes
  • Private Lender with over $35M+ lent to flippers in multiple markets
  • Acquire and operate value add multifamily properties
  • Raised over $150M in private investor capital
  • Owns 1,500+ units in multiple markets across the U.S.
  • Invests in multiple syndications as both a GP and LP investor
James E. Dixon headshot

James E. Dixon

Keynote Speaker

James E. Dixon headshot

The Absolute Motivator. Absolute Motivation’s Keynote speaker. James started speaking for Absolute Motivation almost 1 year ago with his iconic “Put me in the game coach” speech. Millions of views later James is a national keynote speaker, business coach, author and one of the most sought people in the industry with multiple television appearances. His voice captivates the world and is one of the key people in the company.